Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is a procedure that’s performed to remove both fat and skin from a patient’s thighs. This helps to improve leg contour, and to tighten the skin.

If you wish to improve the appearance of your legs, then thigh lift surgery can really help. Fluctuations in weight, ageing and the inevitable loss of the elasticity of the skin all combine to reduce thigh tone.

Thigh Lift

BM Plastic Surgery will approach your thigh lift in a way that will address your specific requirements. We will assess the amount of excess fat and skin that you need to have removed. We will also devise a specific procedure that’s perfectly suited to your needs. If you have minimal excess skin and fat that is confined to the region of your inner thigh you may only require an approach that involves a minimum incision. It also helps if you have retained decent skin elasticity.

If you have larger areas of skin and fat, you will of course need more expansive incisions. All of this will be discussed at your consultation with Mr Matti.

What's involved

Your surgeon will discuss with you during your initial consultation any areas that you are particularly concerned about. You will also be shown ‘before and after’ pictures of patients whom have already gone through the same procedure.

You will be informed of how the operation will take place, what complications you need to be prepared for and how long it will take you to recover. You can ask your surgeon any questions at this time. Once you are satisfied about your understanding of the procedure, you’ll be able to schedule a time for surgery to take place.

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The procedure

Firstly, your surgeon will mark out the area of your body that they plan to treat. They will also remind you of Your aftercare requirements, and of your expected recovery time. Your procedure will typically be performed under a general anaesthetic. The incisions will be closed using both absorbable sutures, and non-absorbable sutures in order to give you the best scar.

What you can expect

A noticeable improvement in your thigh contour will be immediately evident. At first, the area will be affected by swelling as your body recovers from the procedure. You will notice further improvements after a few weeks once the swelling has diminished. Operative areas can have some bruising, this should fade after the first week.

You will be expected to be mobile the day following surgery. This is to prevent blood clots from forming. Your legs will remain sore for a few days after your surgery, but this will eventually subside. You will be able to get back to your normal daily routine within a week, except for any strenuous physical activity. You’ll need to wait for between four and six weeks before you can undertake energetic exercise.

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