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This technique for removing excess fat has nowadays become popular although similar techniques have existed for much longer. It is therefore a well-tested operation best suited for removing localised areas of fat for example, the neck, buttocks, hips, or inner thighs. It is not a substitute for dieting. It can, however, be used in combination with surgery, for example, to correct excess skin and fat on the abdomen or breasts.

I use new techniques in liposuction as the Power Cannula (a vibrating cannula device). Advantages of the use of this advancements are to facilitate fat removal in denser tissue areas and to shorten the time of the procedure and therefore of the anaesthetic.


This is done mostly under a general anaesthetic or for smaller areas with local anaesthesia and sedation depending on the amount of fat and your tolerance. You will require being a day case in hospital after the surgery. The scars are less than 1 cm long, so almost invisible and are placed in well-hidden positions. Post-operatively, you will have support bandages for 10 days and 2 weeks any pain is slight and equivalent to a bruised feeling.

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pre and post liposuction

pre and post liposuction (2)

After 4-6 weeks you will have a good idea of the result, but this continues to improve for six months as the skin and fat becomes softer and smoother. The best are achieved in slim athletic people not over 35 years of age, as the tighter the skin the better it will adapt after fat removal. In general, regardless of the age, good results can be obtained if the skin of the area treated has good elasticity. If the skin is loose associated procedures are required to improve contour.


These are not common, but some people bruise more easily and may see a greater degree of skin discolouration.

After the bandages are removed sometimes fluid will collect temporarily at the site of fat removal. Support garments should be worn during the day if there is swelling.

Sensory changes -numbness or sensitive areas- may develop. This tend to be short lived effects.

Dimpling of the skin is unusual, but can occur if a lot of fat is removed. This will be discussed with you before surgery when treatment is being planned.

Rarer complications are infection and skin loss.

After the operation you will be visited while in hospital normally by myself, or otherwise a member of my team in order to ensure a personal and confidential programme of after care. I can be contacted through my secretary or -out of hours- the Hospital switchboard should the need arise.

It is important to note that a more in detail discussion about the operation and possible complications adjusted to your specific needs takes place during consultation.

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