Filler injectables – Restylane, Voluma, Volift, Volux, Profhilo

These types of material has been extensively tested during the past ten years. It is most effective for filling out small contour defects in the skin, for example small-pitted scars, frown lines or lines around the upper lip and cheeks. It is not suitable for filling out larger areas, for example in order to build up cheekbones or chin.

Filler Injectables

Filler Injectables BM Plastic Surgery London

Filler Injectables London BM Plastic Surgery

First you require a small test dose in the skin of the forearm to ensure that you are not allergic to the material (a rare occurrence). After three weeks, and a negative reaction, the facial skin is injected and usually requires a second (and occasionally a third) injection to fully smooth out the wrinkle or depression. These injections are done through a very fine needle and any slight swelling subsides within 24 hours. It is better not to use make-up for 24 hours, or go into strong sunlight.

Occasionally the site of treatment may be slightly raised, we advise that you massage this area gently with your fingertip.

This depends on the type of skin and the, amount of movement. A small depressed scar is sometimes permanently corrected. A strong crease line frequently moving will inevitably recur to a degree over the 3-4 months, and a “top-up” is then required. Unfortunately there is no method of making time stand still, but injection of collagen is more effective and a safer technique than for example dermabrasion, chemical peel and liquid silicone (this last one I don’t use), and represents a very real advance in the treatment of facial wrinkles and small depressed scars.

Occasionally the site of treatment may be slightly raised, we advise that you massage this area gently with your fingertip.

In recent years we have been using hyaluronic acid (Restylane®) and other filler substances as Voluma, Volift, Volux, Profhilo. Each of these types of injectable fillers have particular advantages for the specific needs of different patients.

Restylane® is a preparation of hyaluronic acid which is very suitable for lip enhancement and for the filling of skin lines and folds. The occurrence of allergies is less frequent than for collagen hyaluronic acid treatment that does not require a test before the treatment.

Restylane® treatments are repeated usually every 3 to 8 months depending on the rate of re-absorption.

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