Minor Surgery of the skin: Moles, Cysts, Lipomas, Pigmentation


Mole removal surgery is a procedure by which moles are removed from the skin. Moles are usually removed if they have changed in shape or colour, or are unsightly or painful. At BM Plastic Surgery moles can be removed quickly and effectively. The procedure is straightforward and can be performed on an out-patient basis. An overnight stay is seldom necessary.

Minor surgery of the skin

Minor Surgery of the skin Moles Cysts Lipomas Pigmentation BM Plastic Surgery London

Minor Surgery of the skin Moles Cysts Lipomas Pigmentation BM Plastic Surgery

What's involved

Your procedure is typically carried out under a local anaesthetic. This means you will conscious during the procedure, but the area being operated upon will be numb. If required, you may also be given a sedative to help you relax.

The technique used for removing moles depends on the condition of the affected area, the size of the mole(s) and the area of your body being treated. Most moles can simply be removed by cutting and then having the resulting wound secured with stitches. In some cases, the mole will be shaved down so it is level with the skin that surrounds it.

Electrocautery and cryotherapy are two other methods available at Mr Matti’s office.

These treatments can  be used to treat other skin lesions, such as skin tags, warts or cysts.

What you can expect

Following the application of a local anaesthetic, it can take a few hours before feeling returns to the area that has been affected. You need to make sure you do not knock or bump the area during recovery.

You may return home following the procedure as soon as you feel ready to. If you were given a sedative during the procedure someone will need to drive you home.

You may be advised that you need a follow-up appointment to remove sutures or to have a wound check with Mr Matti. This can be arranged following your surgery.

Lipoma and Cyst removal

Lipoma and cysts can be removed at BM Plastic Surgery under local anaesthetic.


Lipoma are non-harmful lumps of soft tissue that are composed of clumps of fat cells. These lesions are shaped like a dome, and usually feel soft. When pressure is applied to them, they appear to move. They only affect around one in one hundred people and vary in dimensions from pea-sized to an inch or more in diameter. Lipoma is frequently mistaken for cysts.


Cysts are non-harmful, fluid-filled growths in the deeper layers of your skin. They can be caused when a hair follicle becomes blocked. There are several other reasons why a cyst can form, but they are typically non-harmful. Most people will find a cyst on their bodies at some point in their lives.

A cyst is typically filled with a fluid, or white or brown material. Sometimes, this fluid oozes out of the cyst and onto the surface of the skin. A cyst can become a problem if the contents rupture and leak into the surrounding skin, which often causes discomfort. On some occasions cysts can become infected, which will need treatment via antibiotics.

Is treatment required?

Lipoma or cysts that are small (i.e. the size of a small mole) do not usually require treatment. They can be removed by a minor procedure if so desired. A larger cyst or lipoma may need to be removed due to unsightliness or inflammation. Both types can be removed by cutting into the skin and removing them.

Is treatment safe?

The vast majority of cysts and lipoma are harmless. They are usually removed for cosmetic reasons, or because they have become inflamed or are causing discomfort.

Are there any side effects?

There are potential side effects with any surgical procedure. The removal of a cyst or a lipoma will leave you with a small scar at the site of the wound as with any operation There is also the possibility of infection following the procedure and side effects will be thoroughly discussed with you at your consultation with Mr Matti.

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