Endoscopic Brow Lift

This is an operation which may be performed as part of a face-lift, or on its own, if the area of correction is confined to the skin of the forehead and eyelids only.

Botulinum toxin used to lift brow position or Chemical Brow Lift is a suitable alternative to this procedure in some patients.


A forehead lift is designed to elevate drooping eyebrows reduce frown lines and also to help smooth out deep transverse crease lines running across the forehead, especially deep frown lines.


Endoscopic Brow Lift

A surgical telescope is inserted through five to ten mm incisions inside the hair bearing area in the top of the scalp, which rapidly heals, leaving minimum scars. The sensation can be mildly altered temporarily. You may experience tingling and numbness in the forehead area. You may also notice the presence of a drain that Mr Matti places during the operation. No hair is shaved. The operation is designed to tighten the forehead skin in an upward direction, helping also to raise the eyebrows to a more youthful position.

The operation is usually performed under general anaesthetic, but can be performed under local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation if preferred. In general, a one-night stay in hospital is all that is necessary but your forehead will be bandaged for two days, after which arrangements will be made for our nurse to shampoo your hair.

Any bruising or swelling usually only shows in the upper eyelids and you may need to resort to dark glasses and make-up to hide this effect. You can expect to be in circulation within 10 days of the surgery and hopefully with the help of make-up you may be out and about earlier than this.

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Bruising, swelling and pain may accompany any operation but it is hoped that you will have a minimum of such symptoms.

After successful correction not all patients will maintain the height of the brows achieved in the long term, this depends on individual factors.

Headaches may be experienced for a short period after the operation.  After successful correction of the brow lift, the result may last for up to 5 years and you still may require to have botox injections.

Hair loss is very rare and if this does occur, the hair usually grows back to a normal density in a few months. Numbness or itching in the frontal scalp are occasionally noticed and usually return to normal.

After the operation you will be visited while in hospital by myself normally or otherwise a member of my team in order to ensure a personal and confidential programme of after care. I can be contacted through my secretary or -out of hours- the Hospital switchboard should the need arise.

During the consultation I will be able to give you more in detail explanations about the procedure, possible complications and other treatment options in general and in relation to your specific needs.

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