Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary Rhinoplasty BM Plastic Surgery

What is Secondary Rhinoplasty?

Secondary rhinoplasty is an operation to rectify any problems that may be present in a patient who has previously had a rhinoplasty or nose job.  Secondary rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure that needs to be performed by a skilled surgeon who has experience in dealing with complicated noses.  Mr Matti has extensive experience in both primary and secondary rhinoplasties.  His practice largely consists of rhinoplasty work and a large number of patients who have had numerous operations on their nose in the past.

How is a secondary rhinoplasty different from my original operation?

A secondary rhinoplasty varies greatly from patient to patient depending on the patients key concerns and needs.  During your initial consultation, Mr Matti will explore with you your concerns about your nose and what your expectations are following the procedure.  Since you have previously had a rhinoplasty, the tissues will be scarred and hence surgery is already more complicated.  Depending on what was done during your previous procedure, you may require extra cartilage for support of the nose.  Cartilage is normally taken from within the nose but in a number of patients this may have been removed during the first operation.  Cartilage may also be taken from the ear or sometimes the ribs.  Mr Matti will discuss with you exactly what would be needed to address your concerns about your nose.

Will I have a scar?

This depends on what we are trying to address during the procedure.  The majority of secondary rhinoplasties are performed through an open approach, which results in a scar on the columella (skin between your nostrils).

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