Micro Pigmentation

Micro Pigmentation

Micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic technique that’s used to create the effect of semi-permanent make up. Very small particles of coloured pigment are placed beneath the skin using a mechanical procedure.

The most popular treatments that our clients request include semi-permanent shading to create a lasting eyeliner shade, enhanced eyebrow colour, treatment to the lips including lip lining and lip blending to improve appearance, and treatments for freckles and beauty spots.

Micro-pigmentation creates a semi-permanent look that’s identical to cosmetics, and will last for between two and four years. Even after four years some colour is likely to remain. The treatment is similar to tattooing, in that new pigmentation is introduced into the dermal tissue just beneath the surface of the skin.

If you are thinking about the application of semi-permanent make up, then your initial appointment with us will be a consultation in which your expectations and requirements from your treatment are discussed with you. One of our team will walk you through the treatment process, so you know what will be in store for you. Questions will also be asked concerning your medical history to make certain that the procedure is safe for you to undergo.

You will also be asked about your skin tone. This is so the correct choice of pigmentation can be decided upon.

The procedure

The first step in your micro-pigmentation procedure will be the application of an anaesthetic cream. This is to help with the discomfort you may feel. The next step is the application of a cosmetic pencil, which is used to create a procedural template. This will allow you to be certain that the treatment will create the effect you are seeking.

The pigments that have been chosen are subsequently blended and then inserted into the dermal tissue with an extremely fine needle. This is done using a small, hand-held electric-powered device.

Permanent Make Up

The length of the procedure depends upon the amount of micro-pigmentation that is being performed.

Once the procedure has been completed you will be allowed home. Please note you will always be expected to attend a follow-up appointment, and in some cases two appointments may be necessary.

Additional procedures

The amount of time that the inserted pigment remains visible within the surface of the skin varies from person to person. It is usually recommended that secondary treatments are undertaken in order to keep the semi-permanent appearance of the treatment fresh. Again, this is dependent on the person, the amount of work undertaken and the pigmentation chosen, but a ‘refresh’ is typically required from between a period of six and eighteen months.

If you are considering undergoing a micro-pigmentation procedure then please contact us at BM Plastic Surgery in London for help and advice. Contact us on [eeb_content]020 7637 9595[/eeb_content], or email us at basim@bm-plasticsurgery.com.

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