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Micropigmentation is the process that is commonly known as permanent or semi-permanent make up or cosmetic tattooing. Tiny particles of inert iron oxide pigments in solution are implanted into the skin. A specially-designed hand piece is used to achieve this, using a single-use, disposable needle cartridge.

‘Cosmetic tattoos’ as they are known can give natural-looking enhancements to your eyes, eyebrows and lips. This simple process gives extremely pleasing results which last between two to five years. We usually recommend that our clients return once a year/eighteen months in order to refresh their permanent make up.

The depth to which the pigments are implanted is typically between one and two millimetres, depending on which area of the face is being treated. This procedure is medically safe and has become one of the most-requested cosmetic treatments available.

You will be able to take advantage of a full and thorough consultation before you commence your treatment.

This will help us to determine the best way we can help you to enhance your natural skin tone, eye and hair colour.

When enhancing eyebrows, we will draw enhancements onto your face before we commence your treatment. This is so you can gauge how they will look, and so you can approve what we are aiming to achieve.

We will also advise you on suitable aftercare. This includes the provision of a written schedule of post-care information, as well as some aftercare balm. This is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution – your post-care routine will be specifically designed for your individual needs.

We can provide you with the perfect cosmetic colours no matter the shade of your hair. We also have a wide range of suitable lip colours, from natural tones to colours that are likely to be viewed as being a little more vivid.

When it comes to eyeliner colours, we can provide you with a range of shades in brown, grey, black and ebony. We’ll help you to choose the shade that’s most suitable for you.

Permanent Makeup London

The procedure is very safe, and takes about 2 hours.
To ease-discomfort, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin.

The pigments that are introduced into the skin will remain there for between one and three years. The result is a stunning, permanent look that negates the necessity for make-up application. Some clients even go as far as to say that the introduction of permanent make up acts almost like a mini face lift. The procedure is carried out by a reputable and experienced technician. You should also regard any such treatment as a permanent change to your appearance.

There are a range of treatments you can undergo. Eyebrows that are placed correctly give the impression of a brow or mini facelift, while lips – typically depleted of collagen as the years have passed – can be enhanced by the expert use of pigments. Shading techniques help to restore balance and volume without the need of dermal filler injections.

Eyes that have taken on a ‘tired’ appearance over the years had be made to ‘re-sparkle’ by the careful placement of pigment in both the upper and lower lash-line.

Your technician will take you through a complete consultation that is designed to answer any concerns you may have about your prospective procedure. You will also need to fill in and complete a client-consent form.

During your initial consultation don’t forget to ask as many questions as you want to – your technician will only be too happy to answer.

Your eyebrows are possibly your most important facial feature that are easy to transform. Your eyebrows form a frame for your eyes and determine your facial expression. When transformed properly, your eyebrows can really enhance your appearance.

If you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows over time, or they have thinned or started to droop because of your age, then a lift or arch can really help to turn back the clock. Transformed eyebrows give the ‘brow lift effect’ and can make you look as much as a decade younger!

By adding a fine line of permanent make up through the lash line – either top, bottom or both – it will help to give the appearance of both thicker lashes and increased volume. It will help to define your eyes, and give them a much more desirable appearance. You can choose from our complete range of colours – from natural tones through shades of ebony and brown, to exciting, vibrant and colourful shades if you so desire.

As we grow older, our lips lose their definition and become thinner, and paler. You can re-create the kind of lips you had in your twenties by transforming them with a lip blend, or you can even have your lips fully transformed. Your newly-pigmented lips will help to define your mouth, and if you want and if we feel it is appropriate for you, we can give your lips a beautiful contour by enlarging your lip area.

You can make your choice from natural shades to aid definition, or go for a completely new tone.
As a treatment, Micro Pigmentation has been used in the UK since the 1980s. This is a safe and effective treatment where natural pigments are inserted into the uppermost layers of the skin. This creates the possibility of a number of cosmetic enhancements, plus both corrective and re-constructive procedures.

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