Environ Ionzyme® DF Facial

Environ Ionzyme df machineAn Environ Ionzyme® DF Facial is unlike any other facial. The Ionzyme® DF Technology harnesses patented electro-sonic technology which is why the Environ Ionzyme® DF Facial is probably the world’s most technologically advanced facial treatment.

It is the unique combination of Pulsed Iontophoresis (i.e. the electronic part of the technology) and Low Frequency Sonophoresis (i.e. the sound wave part of the technology) in one probe that has been proven to improve the overall appearance and vitality of the skin when used together with the Environ Professional Range of products which contain powerful doses and combinations of vitamins and other skin-essential nutrients.

Using the patented electro-sonic science behind the Ionzyme® DF Technology, which helps to safely permeate the waterproof barrier of the skin, together with Environ’s expertly designed Professional Range in a particular sequence, the potential for the key ingredients to work with the skin is significantly enhanced.

C quence energising masqueEnviron Ionzyme DF Machine Technology

It’s increasingly recognised that the degree of success of even the best active skin care formulations is limited by the effectiveness of the delivery method into the skin. That’s why by harnessing technology that was previously used only in the medical world, skincare therapists are now achieving previously unheard of results in the salon with the right equipment.

Development work by plastic surgeon and Environ founder, Dr Des Fernandes resulted in the creation of a machine which enhances the penetration of topical ingredients through the skin’s naturally resistant waterproof barrier, resulting in striking improvements.

The Environ Ionzyme DF Machine is a patented system which uses a combination of low-frequency sound waves (sonophoresis) and a pulsed form of galvanic current (iontophoresis) to deliver key active ingredients (including high doses of vitamin A and C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid) deep into the skin. The pulsed electrical current has been found to effect superior penetration compared with the conventional continuous current which has been used in beauty therapy for the past 100 years.

Environ Hydrating SerumThe Environ Ionzyme DF system produces a 22kHz sound wave, generated from the vibration of a special ceramic head.  Research work has shown that better penetration occurs at lower sound frequencies than conventional ultrasound frequencies of 1-3mHz. Compared with manual application of topical products, conventional ultrasound improves penetration just two fold while the Ionzyme machine’s low frequency sound waves increase this by up to forty fold.

Low-frequency sound waves are already proven in the medical world as an effective method for delivery of large molecules of drugs such as insulin into the skin, without the need for injection.  Sound waves influence the skin structure temporarily to allow penetration of larger molecules that cannot be ionised by an electrical current.  A process known as cavitation occurs, creating temporary micro channels in the skin.  Environ was the first company in the beauty world to harness this technology.

The system is designed for clients who are already using homecare products, but who want even more outstanding improvements to their skin – on the face and body.  It is suitable for even the most delicate of complexions, as a highly effective skin nurturing facial, or as a course of intensive treatments for specific yet common concerns such as mature, sun-damaged, lined, photo-aged, pigmented or scarred skin and stretch marks. The treatments help to stimulate thickening of the skin, improve collagen and elastin levels, reduce hyper-pigmentation and increase hydration.

A scientific approach to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin

The system enables our therapists to provide a luxurious anti-ageing facial, but most importantly offers courses of intensive treatments which give remarkable results on sun-damaged, pigmented or scarred skin.
The electrical pulses deliver certain molecules into the skin by a chemical process called ionization.

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